Monday, March 12, 2012

3D scanning begins at History Park

Ken Hanna and Brian Miller from NVentum
HSJ has developed a collaborative partnership with NVentum LLC to scan objects within our collection. NVentum is using state-of-the-art scanning equipment to create 3D computer imaging. With an overlay of standard images, the end product will enable users to go on a virtual tour, providing both zooming in/out and rotational capability.

This morning, Ken Hanna and Brian Miller of NVentum arrived at History Park to begin the process within the Pasetta House. Using a tripod, the scanning equipment rotated 360 degrees to capture the entire area. Surveyor targets are used to assist in collating different set-up locations. After the high resolution scanning is completed, the digital camera repeats the 360 degree capturing. A similar process was done two weeks ago in the Collection Center, where NVentum spent several hours working with our 1842 bicycle and selected items from The Perham Collection.

Both NVentum and HSJ are excited about the resulting possibilities and look forward to sharing this new technology when it's available. For more information, please visit NVentum’s blog about this collaborative project.